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Do you want the tools that I’ve used to help global brands including ITN, Harvey Nichols and Heineken? Sure you do! Subscribe to The S L Social Club and start building your social media marketing today!

Do you feel overwhelmed with social media? Constantly trying to stay on top of the latest changes, reading articles that each tell you totally conflicting messages, watching webinars that don’t actually tell you exactly how to do things? I hear ya. I’m sick of it all too! I have been teaching social media for 13 years, since the launch of YouTube and Facebook and am tiiiired of ‘experts’ giving advice that actually don’t help you at all.

And be honest with yourself, have you actually seen any direct results from any articles you’ve read or webinars watched? If the answer is no, I’m betting that’s because you absorbed the information, made a start, then got overwhelmed and put it back to the bottom of your to do list.

That’s because the information you read was either too vague (not giving you actual templates or step by step instructions) or it wasn’t exciting enough, which meant you easily wandered off track and never really made the progress. But it doesn’t have to be like this! There are really simple strategies, templates and tools available that look pretty (it always helps!) and are super easy to follow.

This is where The S L Social Club will benefit YOU!

I have created this membership for female entrepreneurs and business owners that are saying enough is enough. They want to increase their Facebook video views, put £5 on a boosted post and see a huge return, learn how to gain paying clients from Facebook Groups, understand what they need to do on Instagram to get noticed, find out exactly which Twitter Chats to be involved in and how. They want to get the tools and resources, in bite sized chunks so they can tackle them month by month and grow their social media presence, organically and at a low cost.


Who is The S L Social Club made for?

The S L Social Club is for women all over the world who either own their own business or are a freelancer, or perhaps are still in the corporate world ready to take the leap to launching their own business. They each are passionate and determined to build successful businesses and know social media is the way to do so.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a yoga teacher, an online business coach, own a beauty salon or sell fashion merchandise. My members include ladies who have literally just starting out on their own, right through to women creating a profit of £200,000 per year. You’re all welcome and you will all benefit from this membership and The S L Social Club community because you’re all wanting the same goal…. success, confidence, clients and sales.

I have created each and every digital download with all this in mind. Whether you’re a complete beginner or feel like a social media whizz, you’ll gain knowledge and a brand-new way of looking at things.

Stop looking everywhere to find the information you need. I have tested what creates success and have it all right here for YOU.

Let's take a look inside! I'll walk you through how it all works...

I like everything to be simple, because why shouldn’t it be?!

To become a member select the 'Subscribe' button at the top or bottom of this Page. This takes you to a simple payment page...

Once you subscribe (which you can opt out of at any point) by making the initial £20 payment you will receive an email with a link to login. Click that link and access The S L Social Club by entering your email address and a memorable password, which you will be asked for each time you log in (don’t worry if you forget your password at some point, I’ve created a fast and sleek password reset system).

You will then be taken to your Dashboard which looks like this…

You can see the 12 bundles down the left-hand side. Select one bundle and the 8 pieces of content will be revealed to you on screen, as you can see in the example below.

Should you want to jump to another bundle, well lady you will just have to wait 😊 Each fresh bundle will be released to you every 30 days.

Remember…. No matter when you subscribe, you will gain immediate access to the first ‘bundle’ of content. Then, you will gain access to each of the upcoming bundles every 30 days after your enrolment.

For £20 a month, you will receive 8 pieces of fresh content released to you every 30 days for 12 months. Here's EXACTLY what’s included…

The juiciest part of the bundle! Each month I share my expertise on varying topics, including branding your social channels and how to outreach to bloggers. Each workbook is designed differently, most with areas for you to make notes and form ideas. These workbooks provide a step by step style approach that will ignite ideas and most importantly fit into your business and lifestyle because they are easy to understand and implement. Created in PDF for easy download & printing.

I understand many of you have a fear or Excel, or at least don’t enjoy working with it, but I’m here to change that perception. My Excel templates have been designed to look stylish and be easy to read and work with. Formulas have already been created, with highlighted cells for where you need to input your data. Full instructions will be provided.

My personal favourite! Whilst I adore technology, I feel that nothing beats old school pen and paper. Each month there will some form of planner or printable that is aimed at directing you to plan, get clear and ignite ideas. Examples include a Weekly Social Media Planner and an 11-page booklet full of pages to make monthly notes on your social goals, performance, ideas and next steps, and business goal planners created on one page ready to print to A4.

Super useful, these templates spell out exactly what you need to either do or write in order to succeed. Whether it’s ‘How To Create Your Customer Persona’ or write employee guidelines, you’ll be able to take what I have written and re-write for your business. The checklists are created on A4, which makes them ideal to print and pop in your planner, handbag or on your office wall. No more searching the internet for “What size should my Facebook Cover Image be?” or wondering what the key Twitter Chats are to join, or even how to create your very own media kit – I’ve got you covered.

I love inspirational quotes because sharing them on my Instagram throughout my first two years in business helped me gain true followers and changed my own mindset. I have a selection of quotes which really resonate with me and I know you’ll love them too. They can be saved as an image and reused on your social channels, placed on your website or within an email or maybe used as your phone wallpaper.

I’ve designed a series of desktop wallpapers that will not only turn your screen into a pretty place, but give you focus every day, no matter where you are in your business. I know you will love them as much as I do. Think of it as a little happy treat each month.

The traits of a female entrepreneur are ones which I fully embrace and see in my clients each and every day. You will receive a 1080 x 1080 pixels image with a simple word which depicts a personality trait of a female entrepreneur. In true S L Social style, they are placed on a marble background with peach fonts. Save them and reuse on your social channels with your own message to your tribe.

Access to a monthly Guest Expert providing you with content that offers real advice. I have some beauts lined up for you including the lovely Lottie from Blossom & Bloom PR, a photographer, a stylist, an accountancy guru and psychology queen. Each will share a video or cheatsheet that shares their top tips and advice to help you succeed in various areas.

You will receive all this for 12 consecutive months so long as you’re subscribed to The S L Social Club. PLUS...

There is an option to upgrade your membership to £50 per month (that’s a tiny £30 more each month) to have a private 1-2-1 coaching session with me via Skype once a month for 1 hour. “1 hour?” you’re thinking. Well let me tell you how valuable that 1 hour is…in fact, let Mary-Kate tell you. She had just 1-hour coaching with me and it transformed her mindset and her business.

Usually, for the quality of information and knowledge share, I charge £100 per hour for a coaching session with me. But my aim is to provide more women across the globe with the option to learn the true secrets to social media success.

What are you waiting for?!

As a female entrepreneur, you know how important it is to be active on social media and you know it’s the place where your ideal clients and customers hang out. However, it can be nearly impossible to know which platform they are on or which Groups they chat in every day. You know they are there somewhere, but how to find them?

And what on earth to say to them without regurgitating the same old message, or being salesy or worse still getting no interaction on the post you just shared (awkward, embarrassing and leaving you deflated).

You see, I understand that it can become demotivating and stressful and I also know that the answer is simple. You’re either not active where your ideal client is or your content isn’t evoking their emotion.

You're longing for that guidance and content inspiration, but want true expert advice that doesn’t break the bank.

The S L Social Club will help you unravel & demystify social media tactics, clear your frustrations & help you create engaging social content