Facebook Groups Cheatsheet


Facebook Groups continue to grow in popularity due to their success in helping you grow your business and gain new clients. But with 1,000’s of them out there, it’s difficult to know which to join and what to do once you’re a member.

That’s why I’ve created this FREE cheat sheet for you. I’ve listed the top 50 Facebook Groups and detailed their promo days (the days when you can freely promote your business, product or service).




I suggest you choose only 2-3 groups you can interact in and make sure you provide value in each of them DAILY! I am part of about 50 groups but I just chose a few that I am getting good responses with…well, sales!  😀

If you want a list of the best Groups, you can download my cheat sheet for free!

Please note: This listing is for a digital file (Excel). You will receive a printable file via email once you make the payment.


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